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The United Methodist Church was created on April 23, 1968, when The Evangelical United Brethren Church and The Methodist Church united to form a new denomination.

But Methodism dates back to 1736 and the leadership of John and Charles Wesley.United Methodists share a historic connection to other Methodist and Wesleyan bodies.

In this section, you will find stories and useful links to help you learn more about the roots of our denomination and trace developments that lead us to today.

The United Methodist Church has an agency dedicated to preserving the rich history of the denomination. Visit the Archives and History site»


{ var_prefix="mrow" search:entry="26" } {/} { var_prefix="mrow" search:entry="26" } {/} Evangelical United Brethren Church Bishop Reuben H. Mueller (left) and Methodist Bishop Lloyd C. Wicke join hands on April 23, 1968.

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{ var_prefix="mrow" search:entry="61200" } {/} { var_prefix="mrow" search:entry="61200" } {/} John Wesley often ministered to the sick  during a life blessed by good health. Photo courtesy of  the General Commission on Archives and History.

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{ var_prefix="mrow" search:entry="61202" } {/} { var_prefix="mrow" search:entry="61202" } {/} Stained glass window features Shelly Gale, an early deaconess at Mother African Zoar United Methodist Church. Photo by John Coleman.

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{ var_prefix="mrow" search:entry="61534" } {/} { var_prefix="mrow" search:entry="61534" } {/} Women immigrants who traveled alone were often at risk when they arrived at Ellis Island in the late 19th century. Public domain image.

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